Lighting Design

There is more to good lighting design than just getting the appropriate light levels for our customers.  Lighting is an important architectural statement and can be a large source of your electric bill, so we take the time to choose fixtures, materials and technologies that will enhance the overall look and feel of your facility without breaking your budget!  From practical to dramatic, we have the experience and resources to put your project in its best light.

Types of Installations

Our lighting installation capabilities include the following types of applications and systems:

  • General lighting including recessed and surface type fixtures
  • Stage and Theatrical Performance lighting and dimming
  • Warehouse and High Bay lighting
  • Surgical and hospital type lighting
  • Airport taxiway and runway lighting
  • Low Voltage and decorative lighting
  • Site lighting applications including poles and foundations
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Athletic and Sports Field lighting
  • High Mast lighting for prisons and highway intersections

Feel free to view the list of completed projects with reference contact information

Energy Efficiency

The largest electrical load in many facilities is the lighting.
An upgrade to efficient lighting will save you money.

Advances in lighting and other electrical technologies over the years can significantly reduce the energy required to power your lighting system.  Let Westmoreland Electric Services lower your total energy profile with an assessment of your current energy use.  We can provide a comprehensive plan to upgrade outdated lighting and equipment to improve energy efficiency, lower your electric bills and find available rebates.  Many projects can have a payback period of only a few years!  Since we are a full service electrical contractor, you can be assured that your lighting project will be designed and installed by professionals.

With 28 years of construction experience, Westmoreland Electric Services can perform a survey of your facility, make recommendations for lighting upgrades, complete the paperwork needed for available rebates, provide and install the new system, safely recycle the old parts and even help with any maintenance or warranty issues that may arise.

The professionals at Westmoreland Electric Services have the knowledge and experience to recommend a variety of products to bring your facility into the age of energy saving.  Along with lighting upgrades, we can also provide and install the latest in lighting controls such as daylight harvesting, motion and occupancy sensing systems and automatic override systems to suit your needs.