Special and Complex Systems

In this period of technological innovations, our monitoring and control systems become more and more complex.  There are building management systems that can tell you exactly what is running in your facility.  They control and monitor many systems including heating, cooling, energy management, door access, intrusion detection, refrigeration system monitoring, public address, emergency evacuation, area of rescue assistance communication and other systems.

There are video surveillance systems that can show you exactly where and when an intrusion is taking place.  These systems can be viewed and controlled from a remote computer so that you can see what is going on in your building while you are at home or even on vacation!  Let our team of technology experts design and install a system that will give you peace of mind, whether you are at your facility or on another continent!

Types of systems

Westmoreland Electric Services has access to many different manufacturers and products when dealing with special systems.  We have installed simple fire alarm systems with just a few pull stations and a single horn/strobe and we have installed complex fire alarm systems with multiple control panels, voice notification for egress with thousands of smoke, heat and duct detectors along with complex control and operational schemes! 

We have installed hundreds of sound and program systems for schools and other facilities that need to produce “all-call” and individual “room-to-room” intercom operations.  We have also installed hundreds of local sound reinforcement systems for such locations as cafeterias, gymnasiums, natatoriums, large group instruction rooms, auditoriums, theaters, sports stadiums and arenas.

Security concerns are present at any facility and Westmoreland Electric Services has years of experience in these types of systems.  We installed large, complex security and CCTV systems in many facilities, including several High Schools in the City of Pittsburgh School District where we installed 400-500 cameras per school to monitor activity in the school!  Many of these security systems are capable of monitoring and viewing these cameras from remote locations like a home office, police station or other location to ensure complete coverage and monitoring of the facility.  Along with the surveillance options, there are also door monitoring, card access and intrusion detection devices that can be installed for a complete system.

Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals and similar institutions have additional systems in their facilities.  Nurse Call and Emergency Call systems help patients notify a nurse, doctor or other staff when they need assistance.  Patient Wandering systems can notify staff when an Alzheimer’s patient travels too far from home to help keep them safe and accounted for.  Paging systems for doctors and nurses can help locate and inform these people of impending situations.

Code Blue systems can put everyone on alert when a patient has emergency needs.  All of these systems are critical to the care and well-being of patients in these facilities and need to be installed by people that are competent, professional and well informed about the workings of these systems.  Westmoreland Electric’s first project was installing a Nurse Call system at St. Barnabas Nursing Home in Gibsonia, PA.  We have installed many of these patient-critical systems in our history.

Instrumentation, integration and automation systems along with building management systems all deal with process control, automation and management of equipment and building systems within a facility.  Many industrial customers use these systems to help monitor and control their equipment processes and production lines.  Building management systems can help control the temperature in a building, the lighting in the office and the use of electricity in a building.  These systems can be complicated and require experts in controls to install them properly.

Westmoreland Electric Services is well versed in all of the above mentioned systems and is capable of designing, furnishing, installing and testing any of these systems in your plant, office, school, healthcare facility or building.  Give us a call and let us protect your facility with one of these high-tech, state-of-the-art systems!

Types of Installations

Our special systems installation capabilities include the following types of systems:

• Fire alarm and area of rescue assistance communication systems
• Main sound, public address, clock, program and intercom systems
• Local sound systems including auditorium, gymnasium, cafeteria, etc.
• Large theatrical and performance sound systems for theaters, large group instructional areas and stadiums
• Video surveillance and CCTV security systems
• Door monitoring, card access and intrusion detection security systems
• Video distribution and CATV systems
• Emergency radio communications (Distributed antenna systems)
• Nurse call, emergency call, code blue and patient wandering systems
• Remote generator annunciation
• Instrumentation systems
• Industrial integration and automation systems
•Building management systems