Slippery Rock University Maltby Hall Generator

Slippery Rock University Maltby Hall GeneratorMaltby Hall is the location of Slippery Rock University’s main frame computer and Data Center.  This project consisted of interrupting the portion of the incoming power source that fed the Data Center from the distribution transformer, diverting it thru a 1000 amp service rated ATS and installing a 300 KW generator to supply emergency power to their mainframe computer in the Data Center.

In the center we installed a new 1000 amp integrated switch board that had three 200 amp load centers installed in it. It was from these load centers that most of the branch circuits powering the computer racks where fed from.  This was accomplished by utilizing the raised flooring system in the computer center to pull new cables supplying circuits to the computer racks.  Some circuits in the Data Center were deemed critical, meaning that these circuits could never have power interrupted.  We installed a UPS system that would supply power to these circuits until the emergency power from the generator was established or the normal power was restored.

Completion Date: 08/11

Architect or Engineer: WBC & ASSOCIATES


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