West Virginia University HCS Medium Voltage Switchgear

West Virginia University HCS Medium Voltage SwitchgearThis project consisted of a medium voltage upgrade that required us to run feeder conduit from the basement up to the roof top area where 2 new switchgear line ups were installed to re-feed existing electric panels all thru out the penthouse floor of the hospital. Major on site coordination between the Health Services Center (HSC) hospital, West Virginia University and Westmoreland Electric needed to be performed to confirm all work and outages were coordinated and all details were covered.  Due to this extensive coordination, once the changeover started, they went very well.

The most unique part of this project was getting the 2 new switchgear lineups up to the roof top area of the existing hospital, which is a 6 story building.  This was done by using a Helicopter service to come in and make 16 total lifts, all on one day, to move the equipment from the ground level up to the roof top level.  While we were the prime contractor on this project, we also needed to contract with iron workers to erect a roof top grated steel platform and we used roofers to help seal the existing roof area around the steel uprights.

Completion Date: 09/12

Architect or Engineer: ALPHA ASSOCIATES


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