Safety Committee Profile & Initiatives

In 2004 Westmoreland Electric established a Workplace Safety Committee which meets monthly.  After conducting meetings for over one year and documenting the safety issues and initiatives addressed, the Safety Committee was officially certified in 2005 by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry as meeting the requirements set forth by the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act.

The committee is presently composed of an even number of field employees and representatives of management.  Each employee representative is recruited and serves a one year term on the committee.  At the end of each year the employee has the option to stay for an additional year or leave the committee.  Our apprentices also have the opportunity to serve on the committee at some point in time during their four year apprenticeship program.

This gives them first-hand experience in the importance of Safety as they are developing their electrical skills!  The dedication and value of each committee member has proven significant in developing safety policies and procedures that have enabled Westmoreland Electric to achieve success in all areas of safety.

The mission of the Workplace Safety Committee is to:

• Perform random safety inspections at each jobsite
• Review accident investigation reports at each committee meeting
• Examine trends and develop solutions to prevent re-occurrence of similar accidents
• Monitor safety policies and promote safety awareness to all of our employees
• Create and revise safety policies as job conditions change

Westmoreland Electric relies on each safety committee member and each jobsite superintendent to reinforce safety programs and issues to all employees. Their efforts and attitudes have in the past and will in the future enable Westmoreland Electric to achieve its goals in safety.