A Safety Commitment…Safety First!  Beginning with a Plan and a Focus!

Safety Program

Westmoreland Electric has always been committed to safety, but as we grew bigger and worked on much larger construction projects we determined that we needed to go farther and be even more proactive when it comes to the safety of our employees.  That is why we formed a safety committee and continually provide safety training to all of our employees!  We work closely with safety consultants to ensure every electrical project is performed in a safe manner.

Westmoreland Electric employs and retains some of the industry’s most experienced safety experts who undergo rigorous, continuous safety training and testing. Our safety staff will put this expertise to work in designing a custom program for each jobsite so accident prevention is job-one from the very start of our project.  We insist on keeping our employees trained in the proper procedures to perform their work safely!

We want our employees to go home safely to their families at the end of each work day!  Our EMR rates for many years have been under 0.850.  Our rates for the last nine years are as follows:          

The goal of Westmoreland Electric is for our employees to return home at the end of each day uninjured and able to enjoy the time with their families and friends.

EMR rates over the last nine years:

  • 2016 rate is 0.694
  • 2015 rate was 0.678
  • 2014 rate was 0.852
  • 2013 rate was 1.077
  • 2012 rate was 0.949
  • 2011 rate was 0.958
  • 2010 rate was 0.779
  • 2009 rate was 0.751
  • 2008 rate was 0.833
We embrace a strong commitment toward accident prevention and no safety incidents in all of our operations. To accomplish this fundamental task we do the following: Pre-Hire Employee Safety Orientations and Training Substance Abuse Testing Safety and Task Specific Training Equipment Training and Refresher Courses Employee Safety Bulletins and Incident Alerts Employee Incentive Programs Progressive Employee Discipline Project Startup Safety Management Plan Site Specific Safety Plans Pre-Task Hazard Analysis Site Safety Audits A Safety Committee Comprised of Management, Supervision and Labor Management and Safety Committee Review of All Incidents Post Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis Lessons Learned Used For Continuous Improvement
We have a trained and proactive work force We have our safety manual in place and each employee knows what is expected of them We have been able to identify trends and can now take the appropriate actions to reduce these risks We have a drug and alcohol free policy in place with random testing performed

Learn more about our commitment to safety with STEP(Safety Training and Evaluation Process)