Service Division

We are a high-quality, reliable service contractor and will benefit your organization by providing you with technicians skilled in the electrical work that you need, saving you time and money by getting the work done quickly and efficiently so that you can keep your business running.  We employ technicians with a wide diversity of skill sets to address all of your service needs.

Service work is defined as the repair, maintenance, modification or extension of a customer’s existing normal and emergency power, lighting, control, communications, security and other systems. If you are considering downsizing, supplementing or outsourcing your electrical maintenance needs to a specialist that can perform these services efficiently, Westmoreland Electric’s Service Department can be of assistance to your organization!

What our Service Department can provide

Repair Failures and Breakdowns

When your equipment is down, there is no time to waste.  We understand the importance of getting your facility back into operation. We will respond with qualified people to get you up and running quickly!  Eliminate that costly downtime by calling Westmoreland Electric’s Service Department first!  We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Preventative and Predictive Maintenance

Many failures can be avoided by performing testing and scheduled maintenance on your equipment to determine their condition. Testing associated with electrical preventive and predictive maintenance programs include the following:

• Infrared Thermography
• Power Quality Analysis
• Surge Protection Analysis
• Grounding System Integrity
• Voltage and Ampere Electrical Load Monitoring
• Proper Torqueing of Equipment Connections
• Maintenance Agreements
• Click on this link for more information on preventative and predictive maintenance.

Moves, Adds and Changes

Do you want to move a piece of equipment within your facility?  Do you need a new circuit to power a new piece of equipment?  Do you need to upgrade your power distribution system?  Do you need to add emergency power in your facility?  Let Westmoreland Electric’s Service Department perform this work for you.

Whether it is a simple 1 hour project or a major expansion of your facility, we can provide the expertise to get the job done for you, on time and at a reasonable cost!

Energy Efficiency Audits and Energy Management

Advances in lighting and other electrical technologies can significantly reduce the energy required to power your lighting system.  Let Westmoreland Electric lower your total energy profile with an assessment of your current energy use.

We can provide a comprehensive plan to upgrade outdated lighting and equipment to improve your energy efficiency, lower your electric bills and find available rebates.  Many projects have a payback period of only a few years!

Emergency Power Systems

Have you lost critical production time or computer information due to a lightning strike or power failure?  Let our experts provide you with recommendations to protect your facility from power interruptions, lightning surges and poor power quality.  Whether you need an emergency generator, a UPS system, TVSS equipment or just some simple emergency lighting, we will work with you to design a cost effective solution to address your power issues.

Do you have a medical condition that requires continuous power, even in the event of a power failure, than you may need a residential generator?  Let Westmoreland Electric give you a quote to provide and install a generator to assure you that you will never lose your electricity for that lifesaving piece of equipment.  Click on this link for more information on emergency power systems.

Lighting Maintenance

We can visit your facility either monthly, on a pre-determined schedule or whenever you call to make sure all of your light fixtures are operating properly, replacing any lamps or fixtures to keep you facility bright and safe.

Bucket Truck Service

Do you have trouble maintaining your exterior or parking lot lighting?  Let us perform these hard-to-reach tasks utilizing our trucks and equipment so that you can concentrate on your business, not your electrical worries.

We can maintain your existing parking lot and exterior building lighting or set and install new lighting with our equipment, saving you time, relieving your safety concerns and ultimately saving you money!  Let Westmoreland Electric’s Service Department assist you with these needs by providing full service exterior lighting maintenance for you.

Information Technology and Telecommunications Upgrades

The amount of information technology (IT) in buildings and its importance to your business has increased by leaps and bounds in recent years.  Has your business kept up with the newer demands on your cabling infrastructure?

We have the experience and knowledge to help you upgrade your infrastructure for the 21st century so that your computer systems and other information systems will operate with the speed that you need to operate your business

Locate and Repair Damaged Underground Electrical Lines

We have the equipment and expertise to accurately locate where the breaks are to minimize your repair costs.

Thermographic Scans and Electrical Inspections

Thermography, through the use of a device called a thermal imager, can be used to perform many critical functions for commercial and industrial environments including troubleshooting and maintenance of equipment.

The costs associated with the maintenance and unplanned downtime of a facility’s operations can be greatly reduced when thermal imagers are used to perform preventive and predictive maintenance tasks.

Structured Analysis of Electrical Systems

Is your facility older and you can’t find any information on your electrical systems?  Is your insurance company asking for you to evaluate your electrical systems as part of your insurance renewal?  Do you ever wish that you could easily find that circuit breaker for a specific outlet or machine?  If so, maybe you need to have a comprehensive analysis of your electrical systems.

Whether you are concerned about your electrical distribution system, locating circuits for your outlets and lighting or just want to make sure that everything is up to Code, Westmoreland Electric’s Service Department can perform these analysis for you at a reasonable price that won’t break your budget.  This analysis might help you get lower insurance premiums, as well as give you peace of mind that your electrical systems are safe and reliable!

Electrical Analysis