Have you lost critical production time or computer information due to a lightning strike or power failure?  Let our experts provide you with recommendations to protect your facility from power interruptions, lightning surges and poor power quality.  Whether you need an emergency generator, a UPS system, TVSS equipment or just some simple emergency lighting, Westmoreland Electric’s Service Department will work with you to design a cost effective solution to address your power issues.

Do you have a medical condition that requires continuous power, even in the event of a power failure, than you may need a residential generator?  Let Westmoreland Electric give you a quote to provide and install a generator to assure you that you will never lose your electricity for that lifesaving piece of equipment!

There is more to good power design than just having 120 volts available at your receptacles. Items such as Emergency Power, Surge Suppression, Power Quality and Service Upgrades will enhance the overall efficiency and reliability of your facility. From 120 volts up to 25,000 volts, we have the experience and resources to give your facility not only “MORE POWER”, but also the “RIGHT POWER” for your needs, not just for today, but far into the future! Some facilities, such as hospitals and surgical centers, telecommunications hubs, 911 call centers, correctional facilities, airports and military installations, as well as many other facilities, need to have all or a portion of the facility maintain continuous power, no matter what happens to the utility’s supply. Is your facility protected from blackouts or brownouts? Utility power outages may be an inconvenience at best or disastrous at worst. Westmoreland Electric installs generators, battery backup, uninterruptible power systems and inverters in the sizes and capacities you need to keep your facility up and running when the utility provided power fails.
Today’s modern electronic equipment is very reliable and durable, as long as the utility company’s rated voltage supply remains stable. Utility company power may experience voltage "spikes" or surges thousands of volts greater than the nominal voltage supplied to your business. These "spikes" are caused by normal utility switching, lightning strikes, etc. Although usually of a short duration, these spikes are devastating to computers and other electronic devices. Isolated, dedicated circuits may be recommended to protect your equipment from internally generated "noise" which may cause computer malfunctions. Westmoreland Electric can design and install surge suppression equipment and isolated power distribution to protect your equipment investment.
As companies grow, their electrical needs change – but not necessarily their electrical capacity. Westmoreland Electric can do the service upgrades that you need to meet increased energy demands and to comply with current building codes. Whether you need to change a receptacle, a circuit, a panel or your entire electrical service, you can rely on Westmoreland Electric to design and install the RIGHT system for your needs!
Does your building have more tenants than meters? Do you ever wonder who is using the power and just how much? If your bills are too high and you share a meter, Westmoreland Electric can help! By examining your existing electrical system, Westmoreland Electric will recommend and quote the installation of new meters which will show individual tenant or department electrical consumption. Typical users of this type of metering include offices, shopping centers, factories and apartments. Let us design a system that will give you peace of mind that electricity is being monitored properly.